about us

A little bit about us.

What we do

We are all on a journey towards our own personal best health and fitness levels. A journey that makes us better as athletes, friends and people.

As a result of years of understanding the mind and the body, we have decided to launch YourBody to improve your personal journey.

We pride ourselves not only in providing world-class health and fitness training, but we also believe in creating a motivating and dynamic environment. We are the community dedicated to your human evolution, one workout at a time.

YourBody is a new gym that recognizes the crucial role exercise plays in maintaining good mental health. As part of its commitment to supporting overall well-being, YourBody has integrated mental health support into its offerings. If you are receiving support from NewChapter1 CIC you will be enrolled to complete a set amount of sessions in our gym through various classes and sessions tailored to you which have all designed to complement the physical benefits of exercise. Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, manage anxiety, or simply maintain good mental health, YourBody provides a supportive and uplifting environment to help you achieve your goals.